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Gastcolumn : Breda SC | Grip Strength

Dit keer in onze gastcolumn zijn onze vrienden van Breda Strength & Conditioning aan de beurt. Het onderwerp van vandaag: grip strength. Lees en leer!

Get a (real) Grip

“Technique conquers all”, – Caio Terra
“I want to crush your soul with my grip strength” – me.

Preach Caio! But let’s face it, you’re reading this because:

A) You do Jits.
B) You where on Facebook and got lost and ended up here.
C) Your gym burned down, no rolling today ( NOOOOOOO!!!)
D) Your grip isn’t as kung-fu as you would want it to be.
E) All of the above.

Kurt Oslander

The ability to grab and hold your opponent is something that really helps your jits game.
Nothing says “Unfuckwithable” then getting a grip on them, that’s like a vice.
There are tons of way to train your grip strength.
Here are a few that we have our athletes do.

1) Pull ups / Chin ups
C’mon bro, you don’t have a pull up or a chin up? Pathetic!
First here’s a tip for getting better at pull ups: Three sets of stop being so fat.
Second: How are you supposed to dominate (or not get killed) without being able to pull up your own bodyweight?
Implement Pull / Chin ups into your training. Wide, regular, small, mixed grip, commando pull ups or towel pull ups.
All kidding aside, you would be amazed how many professional athlete’s can not muster a single one of these. Don’t be that guy.

Pull Ups

2) Deadlifts
Squats vs Deadlifts, the endless debate.
Wether you prefer squats over deadlifts, it’s irrelevant.
It’s like not improving your guard game, because you only like passing.
You need to train both. But speaking from a grip-perspective; you need to do deadlifts, son!
Sumo, regular, hook grip, continental grip, hex/trap bar or suitcase deadlifts.
Get this fantastic exercise into your routine!


3) Farmers Walk.
Pick up something heavy in both hands, walk straight. Put the heavy things down. Done.
Farmers walk is simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy. It’s like grocery shopping, for experts.
Your days of taking two trips from/to the car with your groceries are over!
Try it with barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, ammo cans, jerrycans, your wife, your dog, somebody else’s wife.

Farmers Walk

4) Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell swings will cure your (lack of) grip quick! What’s the right weight?
If you can swing a certain Kettlebell with the correct technique at least ten times, that’s the weight you should use.
Don’t puss out and use a lighter bell. It’s supposed to be hard you fairy!
Ladies, 12 or 16kg. Bro’s (over 65kg bodyweight) use 24kg or 32kg. If you train with Kettlebells and you use gloves, make sure they match your purse. ( Don’t use gloves!)

Kettlebell Swings

5) Bending nails.
“DAFUQ you just say?” That’s right, visit your local hard wear store. Spend $10,-
Buy a bunch of nails. Bend them. Take a piece of towel or wash cloth to protect your hands.
WhatsApp a pic of the bent nails to your training partners. Scare the shit out of them.

Bending Nails

Four simple ways to improve your grips strength.
Get after it guys and girls, OSS!!

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